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Sourcer, Talent Insights, Stow, MA  

Sourcer, Talent Insights, Stow, MA

We’re so pleased that you have found us and are interested in exploring our Sourcer - Talent Insights opening. 

We realize that this isn’t your first rodeo, and if you choose to join our adventure that it probably won’t be your last - although we hope you find it rewarding enough to stick around for a good long while!

What to Expect if You’re Interested

By taking the first step and letting us know you want to apply (button at end of description), we’ll send you a request for some career details. Kelly Thorne, our Head of Talent, will review what you send. Kelly will then…Read More

What You Will DoCelebration400-181x400.jpg

Have fun! We like to laugh, kid around, and help each other be amazing. 

We drive prospects to our career pages, but not all site visitors want a new job. The site also captures the ones who aren’t, and you’ll provide recruiters (and yourself) with the insights needed to effectively engage with these prospects. 

You’ll focus on better approaches for digital engagement (primarily newly available software). Things change daily and we need you to keep us current.

Skills You’ll Need to Succeed

  • Innate curiosity and a level of energy to match
  • Attain career seeker insights from ambiguous data
  • Craft talent pools of functionally targeted top performers
  • Use of the latest sourcing techniques and tools
  • Work autonomously while staying focused
  • A doer using what’s available to get a positive result

What We’re Like

You’ve probably realized we’re a bit different. We're a digital Talent Agency, similar to those that represent celebrities and as we treat everyone as a "star." 

Our motto is, “live in the future, and build what’s missing.” We challenge each other to constantly improve how we do what we do, and don’t care where the idea comes from.

We do something as a group outside of work pretty regularly (see our Culture Poll in the sidebar).

What’s Different About What We Do?

A lot actually! We engage career seekers differently than 97% of all other recruiters. Every interaction is focused 100% on our prospects interests. Our founder, K.C. Donovan spent the last 25 years crafting our unique process, so be ready to learn!

We create Career Pages specific to every client opening. Using unique Job Descriptions, Engagebots, Videos, Polls, etc., we deliver the details needed to help site visitors decide to apply. We drive prospects to our career pages where we assess and convert them to on-target applicants for our clients.

Compensation and Benefits

We have no problem with people working remotely (in fact we encourage it). Flex time is no issue if it doesn’t interfere with taking care of the needs of our career seekers (we'll consider part time or contract too). Our vacation policy is "take as much time as you need." Most holidays are off, and we’re not clock watchers as long as the work is done. Other benefits will come as we grow.

We pay competitive salaries (no commission) ranging from $60,000 to $80,000 (more based on experience). Bonuses are available and your compensation will grow as the business grows (you’ll play a key part in that!).

What do You think?

It’s a pretty cool sourcing role - right? Let us know if you’re interested below and I can’t wait to hear from you,




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Sourcer, Talent Insights, Stow, MA

Put your sourcing skills to work delivering persona insights, isolating talent searches and having fun at a tech startup.

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A recruiter with strong engagement, storytelling, and employment branding skills for a cool Digital Talent Agency.

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Had enough of Bedside Nursing? We want your Brain Not Your Back - use your excellent medical-surgical skills eliminating the waste in healthcare!

Web Designer (UI), Stow, MA

Someone with solid HTML, decent CSS and wants to grow their skills with a cool tech startup (Perm or Contract).

RN Home Care Quality Assurance - MetroWest

This is an RN role with a fantastic company focused on patients and quality care. The role will be responsible for the Oasis Quality Assurance and make it possible for the company to grow (it's doubling in size every year).

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